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Q: Is the CameraWhisperer promoting safe photography workshops during these times?


A: Yes, we are limiting our workshops to Zoom sessions for now.


Q: When will you start your travel and personal workshops?


A: We are committed to the health and safety of our photographers and will keep our community informed of upcoming workshops.

Q: Do you ever charge any membership fees to use your site?

A:  No, nothing, never.

Q: How does the CRIT RAIL work?

A: Our unique CRIT RAIL is where you post photography from your workshops, contests, projects, and assignments for reviews. This is where we discuss your photography.

Q: How does your grading system work?

A: It's based on a scale from 1-10. We use this to track your success and growth over time.

Q: How come you don't help with technical photography?

A: We developed this site to promote your creativity as a photographer. There are hundreds of technical, how-to, DIY sites out there. We're here to improve the creative side of your photography.

Q: How does your level system work?

A: Once we review your work, we'll determine your level. Our level scale is from 1-6.

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