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I like to take a minute and let you in on what drives this website.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of very talented photographers. People who knew their stuff, thought creatively and practiced their craft. Some wanted to work in the business of photography, for others it was a passion. Unfortunately, a lot of these very gifted people didn’t reach their goals.

And the thing is, I know why.


A photographer is like that proverbial writer sitting alone, facing a blank sheet of paper. What do you want to say? What’s your vision? How can you achieve that vision and once you do, will it be clear? Will it have impact? 

Most photographers sit alone with these questions. To talk photography you need to be with someone who understands the challenges and the vocabulary.

That would be me.

I’ve spent my life as a photographer and it’s taken me all over the world. I’ve paid my dues by shooting underwater, hanging from helicopters, documenting earthquakes and riots, getting lost with my crew in the Andes and even (no shit), being captured by a foreign militia. 

On days I’m not feeling immortal, I photograph celebrities, lifestyle, cuisine, still life and product on location or in studio.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve problem-solved my head off and in the process, gotten the shots I’d envisioned.

So, I can help — but it’s important to understand, this won't be like other sites you’ve looked at. I won’t be teaching you “Nine ways to photograph your own light meter.”


What we do here is grow your creativity and vision.

In the end, taking a picture is easy. But crafting an image of your own? Expressing your vision? One you’re proud of? That’s photography.


That’s what we do here.


Thanks for the read.

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