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We use a rating system (1-10) to assess your current photographic aptitude and improvement over time. We evaluate proficiency on both technical skills and the creativity demonstrated in your images.

This also helps us identify your strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to focus and develop your photography into a stronger and more creative body of work unique to you.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6

You love the idea of taking pictures and have no idea what you are doing. 

You have no score yet.

You own most of the equipment, you kind of understand what is good photography. You are a hobbyist. You have little to no photographic skill nor creative knowledge to create a good photo. Some of your photos are worthy. You need help identifying what makes and what it takes to create a strong picture. You are mostly inspired by random shooting with no real direction. 

Your technical score is a 1-2. Your creative score is a 1.

You own all the equipment, and your understanding of photography is better because you are learning from on-line photography websites. You participate in photo clubs and meetup groups. You shoot some heroes (fantastic) and would like to challenge your photography capabilities. You want to start building a portfolio. Possibly selling stock or even becoming professional. You are at the cusp of moving up to the next level to take those stronger photos. However, you need more creative work. Work that speaks out about your photography with your unique style. You can do this by challenging your creativity and understanding what it takes to take great original heroes.

Your technical level is good. Your creative side lacks originality because you need more creative focus on your work.

Your technical score is a 2-3. Your creative score is 2-3.

You have a website showcasing your beautiful work. Maybe you are shooting some paid assignments, even selling some stock.  At this level, your photography is polished at times. You are at this level because you take this seriously. You are starting to see what it takes to be good. It is exciting. However, skills still need to be tweaked to achieve a professional level. 

This probably is the hardest level because there is an ocean of skilled photographers at this level in the world. You still need to stand out. 

Your technical score is a 4-8.  Your creative score is a strong 4-8.

You make a living taking pictures for your clients. You cannot take a bad picture because professionals are as good as their last assignment. Wow! Keep challenging your creativity. Great work!

At this level, your technical score is 9-10. Your creative score ranges from 8-10.

Artist: Fly and be free! 

We all strive to be a true artist. This level is incredibly unique. This does not mean calling yourself a “fine artist” because you are selling "fine art prints" on some website with a cool signature on the photo.

An artist works on bodies of work for themselves and commissioned work. 

You cannot score this section, as an artist makes art.

For more info please visit our website Grading System

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