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“It was very special having Gary judge the Ventura County Camera Club. Gary always demonstrates a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, effort and vocalization into the critiquing of our members’ images. I think that I speak on behalf of all the members of the club when I say, I always look forward to a Gary Moss session”. - bernie

“I really enjoyed your photo critiques at the f-stops meeting last Thursday. You gave us so much valuable information. I love the artistic possibilities that photography allows me. Your critiques of my images were an ego booster, and quite encouraging”. - evie

“Our club had an excellent meeting last night thanks to you. Your judging comments, tips, questions, humor, knowledge and expertise made it one of the best meetings in recent history. We have had many positive comments about the meeting and your judging. You make a photographer think about their work. I always try to shoot with the goal of "making" a photograph not taking a picture; you push me to better define my work. And that's what it’s all about.” - donald

"Thanks very much for your exceptional program last night at the event. I will long remember your wise advice and critical evaluations of member's photographs. You were direct, educational, energetic, and inspirational. I was amazed that you could keep the intense pace for so long without a break. I feel that I learned a number of concepts that may improve my photographic skills. We ALL greatly benefit by having access to your talent."
- ron

“Learn from a pro the way professional photographers work and enjoy yourself out in the field. Hands-on approach learning with Gary, you practice what you learn. Love the follow up review of the images. I learned more in one day then other longer classes I’ve taken. Highly recommend Gary's workshops and seminars.” - patti

"I have known Gary for several years and had the opportunity to attend his lectures, critiques, workshops, and portfolio review seminars.  Gary is the consummate professional. He is an excellent photographer, teacher and coach.  He has been a tremendous help in my quest to become a better photographer.  If you want to improve your photography skills, and your ability to market your work, I would highly recommend you attend his workshops and seminars." - roy

“I was so pleased I attended your workshop, “What Makes A Good Photo.” I now realize how much mediocre photography we are exposed to in our daily lives. What I really liked best was the way you gave the group the opportunity to participate in the “hands on” discovery of what makes a good photo, and how to edit images effectively. It was amazing how your teaching skills were able to encompass photographers of all levels and abilities who were present that evening. Soon I will be involved in a project that will involve photo editing and I certainly feel well prepared after taking your workshop.”
- myrna

“Gary's, “What Makes a Good Photograph” seminar is the nuts and bolts of creating a memorable image. His workshop is an excellent combination of information and hands on participation; a great way to learn!” - allyson

"When you’re on a workshop with Gary, be ready for his high energy, hands-on approach that is super-charged. And forget the clichés …it’s not the same old’, same old’.  Learn to see what’s unique and what’s going on right in front of you. Details, he says. Work on the details. He encourages us to exude confidence so as to set our human subjects at ease so we can find their uniqueness as well as our own.  “Follow me”, he says.  And we do.  Then, he reviews our shots, right there on location, to help us identify what we need to do to make our work stronger. We learn to sort and sequence and he confirms what we’re doing right with our photography. We learn how to emphasize those strengths. We do some powerful editing. Gary teaches that the excitement comes not from just following the exact recipe. It comes from getting into the feel of the whole photo shoot by mixing, blending, adding a pinch here, subtracting a bit there and in the end coming up with something that is unique, has energy and a point of view.  He reminds us to be bold, to be brave and to be daring in order to bring out what’s genuine and real to our photography."  Thanks, Gary. - patty

"I met Gary at a Ventura County Camera Club meeting where he was a judge.  I immediately liked him as a person and for his honesty and insight when reviewing the photographs put before him.  Since then, Gary has not only become my friend but also my mentor.  He cuts me no slack and my abilities as a photographer have significantly increased (so I’ve been told).” Thanks Gary!
- al

“I have had the pleasure of attending multiple lectures and workshops given by Gary Moss. He is an excellent and enthusiastic instructor. His approach during a workshop is very hands-on and he finds interesting local venues. He goes into the trenches with you, pointing out compositional opportunities you've already passed by. He'll look at your camera's monitor and make instant critiques while you still have an opportunity to try again. Then, at a later time or date, he goes over your "keepers" to further refine your eye for technique and technical knowledge using your own images as his lesson plan. In a lecture setting, he constantly pushes his students to broaden their thought processes with such questions as 'how could this composition have been improved with pre-planning, staging or different timing?' After coaxing lively discussion, he gives his suggestions, which seem obvious only after he has stated them. His criticisms are always constructive, often peppered with humor, and consistently good-natured. It is apparent that he truly loves to teach.” - pam


“Gary presents a lot of useful information to photographers of all levels, very succinctly. He demonstrates how one image is superior to another similar one, and lets the class do a hands-on exercise. You will learn a great deal for your tuition.”
- albert

“Thanks so much for a very informative evening. All of your "junior" photo editors appreciate your time and energy on improving the way we look and take our images. Best of luck with your photo seminars and look forward to taking them all.”

- bryan

“The experience I gained from Gary's workshop is priceless.  He presents the material such as lighting, composition, WOW factor and other important factors of what makes a good photo with such fun and excitement. His passion for photography is contagious. Guarantee! You'll come out of the class with a renewed enthusiasm, determination and eagerness for photography. You'll certainly be a richer person for it. I certainly am.” Thanks Gary - anne

“Gary structured an extremely educational workshop at a perfect location.  His depth of professional experience was clearly evident throughout the session.  He focused us on several key lessons, gave us a couple of very appropriate assignments and then cheerfully gave us all personal attention as we progressed through the workshop.  Flowers and other botanicals are some of my favorite subjects and I am confident that my future work will be noticeably improved as a result of this workshop.” - phil

“Thank you very much for coming to our meeting and for your wonderful critiques of the photos of the Ojai Photography Club members!  As usual you gave cogent, helpful, insightful comments and inspired us to really be present when taking a photo.” - kaarina

“Gary, you are such an entertainer! We always enjoy your time with us. In addition to entertaining us with your comments and humor, you always give us a great class! It's so much more fun having you there with us. You give us so many good things to think about with so many very helpful hints, tips and suggestions to improve our photography. You have many talents.  Thanks for sharing so generously with us.” - pat

“Gary, you did a GREAT job today with our group!
You have an enviable talent for making each person feel his or her work is worthwhile. Your directives to each person sound very do-able and appropriate for the person you're helping. Such ability you have to be totally constructive and very helpful. You are so generous and gracious about sharing your time and talents with us.  We all appreciate you so very much.” - dan

“My initial encounter with Gary was at an F-Stops meeting, where he was the judge.  I found myself completely stunned by the way Gary was able to not just judge our work, but at the same time, teach us so much more about additional creative possibilities to get that extra 'Wow' factor.   After that, I took several of Gary's Camera Whisperer workshops, and each was a fantastic learning experience.  From these workshops, in addition to seeing the creativity in my photography increase, I've gained a confidence both behind the camera, and interacting with the subjects I shoot, which is also something Gary stresses at his workshops. I've continued working with Gary for about a year now, as he has provided me additionally with his one on one coaching and mentoring.  I am truly amazed at how my photography has grown this past year, due to the time Gary has spent with me and his passion for teaching his art.” - cindy

“Gary Moss is one of the very few working professional photographers who are willing and quite able to share his vast knowledge of digital photography with amateur photographers of varying levels of knowledge and experience. I have attended his on-site workshops and found him extremely responsive to workshop members' questions and very generous with his advice. His friendly demeanor and ability to interact with his students encourages learning.  I certainly have learned much from Gary. I look forward to Gary's Camera Whisperer workshops.” – bob

“Gary Moss is a teacher extraordinaire! He is passionate about photography and wants his students to create excellent photos that tell a story. He communicates the elements of a good photo - from composition through to the final print - in clear terms that are understandable to his students. He critiques photos with humor, kindness and the information necessary to improve one's skills. Gary's classes are ones to take if you are serious about improving the quality of your photos!” - christine