about mission

Welcome to The Camera Whisperer Photographic Workshops & Seminars.
Camera Whisperer is the creation of award-winning, professional photographer and photo editor, Gary Moss. It is open to all photographers, from shutterbugs to professionals. So, get ready to watch the quality of your photography soar to new levels - through a well-balanced mix of inspiration, education and hands-on, real-time learning.

Gary’s mission: To teach amateur and emerging professional photographers the skills required to take pictures filled with creative visual impact, the kind seen in today’s professional photography.

Why is this Gary’s mission? Because in today’s digital world, people are considered "photographers" as long as they have a digital camera and software. As a result, Gary frequently sees photography that is mediocre and in drastic need of the quality that comes from formal training. Gary is committed to helping these photographers rise to the next level. His passion is to help photographers unleash their potential by opening their eyes and their mind to new ways of mastering their craft.

Take a moment to answer these questions about your proficiency as a photographer     and, please, answer them truthfully:

Does your photography...

· compositional skills?
·      ...display an understanding of light?
·      ...demonstrate correctly exposed images?
·      ...tell a story?
·      ...exhibit originality
· a degree of creative control?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, the Camera Whisperer is for you.
You own the equipment, now it’s time to own your photography.