about FAQ's

Is enrichME a camera club?

Not really. enrichME was developed by Camera Whisperer because camera clubs really serve a different purpose. Camera clubs join those with a common interest, however, they do not educate, nor do they come with any guarantee of strengthening one’s talent in the art of photography.

How does enrichME continuing education work?

Each month you attend two functions: a workshop and a seminar. The content of both meetings revolves around a predetermined topic/assignment. It works like this: 

Meeting                Day                    Hours              Purpose

WORKSHOP    Saturday         9:00-5:00     To spend an entire day practicing hands-on learning, geared toward a specific topic &                                                                                assignment.
SEMINAR         Weeknight      7:00-10:00   To solidify what you learned during the workshop, review assignments and engage in
                                                                                   discussions to help hone your skills.

Can I just take specific workshops & seminars without becoming an enrichME member?

Of course. You can sign up for any Camera Whisperer workshop or seminar and participate in any classes we offer.  However, do know that enrichME members receive countless benefits beyond just attending monthly events.

How do you determine my skill level as a photographer?

We use four levels.
Doing so helps us make your experience with Camera Whisperer as fulfilling and enriching as it can be.
Level 1: Beginner. You have a basic understanding of your camera and lenses. You have only fundamental knowledge of Photoshop™, Lightroom™ and digital work-flow. You have little or no understanding about how to compose and light your subjects.

Level 2: Intermediate. You shoot pictures and understand how your equipment works. You are familiar with Photoshop™, Lightroom™ and digital work-flow. Your understanding of how to compose and light a picture is limited.

Level 3: Advanced. You already have a knowledge base of digital work-flow, as well as a command of Photoshop™and Lightroom™. You shoot often and occasionally get a paying gig. You’ve reached a level you’re

comfortable with, but need more education on the best ways to elevate
your photography.

Level 4: Professional. You are an expert in photography. You understand digital workflow thoroughly. You have full control, from composing and lighting a picture through the end result. You may even make your living with photography. But…you need to be challenged in order to bring your portfolio to the next level. Additionally, you know how much you’d benefit by further developing your style.

What equipment do I need for your workshops?

Camera, tripod, any grip equipment and laptop (if you own one).

What is a Reflector?

These are circular collapsible reflectors to bounce and "fill" shadows with light. They also are translucent to diffuse harsh light on subjects. They come in several diameters and are a great tool for location photographers. We suggest purchasing a minimum 40" 5 in 1 reflector. You'll have 5 different lighting modifiers in one. Highly reflective silver; light absorbing black; softly reflecting white; "warming" sunlight; and translucent. This is a versatile tool for any photographer. CameraWhisperer suggests the 42" Photoflex 5 in 1 LiteDisk.

How many people are in your workshops?

We typically keep our workshops to a maximum of 15 participants. This is in an effort to provide quality time for each photographer.

I'm unable to make it to your workshops & seminars, can I still get my work critiqued?

Camera Whisperer offers on-line, one-on-one education and quick crits.
We conduct these through a webinar service. See the nitty gritty page for details.

Do you offer one-on-one education?