about whisperwork


Becoming the best photographer you can be often means shooting a body of work that has purpose, versus just taking random pictures. It’s one more step to becoming a better photographer. As such, I ask that you send me your works-in-progress to share with our community. As each photographer’s inventory grows, I invite you all to watch the progressions. You will begin to see how each photographer translates his/her individual visions. Good job so far! Keep up the great work!

about norma

Camera Whisperer photographer, Norma Warden, recently created her own assignment by documenting the architecture of L.A.’s Metro stations. I like Norma’s subtleties in her composition. She’s always experimenting with different techniques to create her own photographic style. For this, I’m proud to show Norma’s work. It’s nicely executed and it shows originality. Every photographer should be inspired to shoot original photography – truly original. I’d like to see more in your “Metro” series, Norma! Thanks for sharing!

about cindy

Camera Whisperer photographer, Cindy Koller, may be the hardest working photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of mentoring. Cindy takes control of her shoots by always experimenting and looking out of the visual box. This is vital for those who want to reach the next level of photography. Kudos to you, Cindy! Keep experimenting and let’s see more of those unique shots. Each time you shoot you strengthen your ability to reach the next level. Keep shooting!

about bill

Camera Whisperer photographer, Bill Debley, shoots landscape photography that’s just about as good as it gets. Bill is a true artist. When I look at his photos, his complete control in his work is unquestionable. He waits for the right light, he finds the perfect composition, and he knows when the right moment presents itself. All of these elements, properly photographed, guarantees rich three-dimensional looking images. Landscape is one of photography’s toughest disciplines. Somehow, Bill makes it look easy. Thanks for sharing.

about norman

Camera Whisperer photographer, Norman Schwartz, is a great storyteller. His point-of-view is apparent through his images. This storytelling talent is one that takes practice. It calls for an investment of time and patience before every single shot. Norman has fresh talent and I think he should continue developing this body of work. Please show us more!

about hector

Camera Whisperer photographer, Hector Perez, works as a professional wedding photographer. His body of work shows a unique point of view. Waiting for the right moment is never as important as it is with wedding photography, which is one reason for Hector’s success: he can identify the “right moment.” Hector shows great promise with his talent in storytelling, documenting and natural style. Good work Hector - please show us more!

about myrna

Camera Whisperer photographer Myrna Cambianicia's is working on her collages. The key to a successful collage is to assemble them with strong creative impact. Myrna's digital work is flawless and makes for the success of these images. When you create this type of photography not only do you need a creative vision, but you need to assemble them correctly and seamlessly in the digital phase. Look how well she does this. It's very important when doing any digital work that the final image is natural and not over retouched or manipulated. I'd love to see more of this work, great job!

about allyson

Allyson is one of the true talents I have had the pleasure of helping. Her visual sensibility shows her skill in creating personal images with feeling. Her photos really engage the viewer. She loves to connect with people and photograph them in their environments. This natural looking photography is hard to do and she does it well. This is from her working series on environmental portraits.