about what makes a good photo - seminar series

About- what makes a good photo.

Levels- Open to all levels.

Workshop time- 1/2 day.

Seminar Overview- 

The heart of this “hands-on and location” workshop is for photographers take pictures that tells a visual story about a place. Photographers will learn how to adjust their creative eye by taking pictures that visually sells the destination. Each student will be given an assignment to photograph and come back with the photography needed to promote there given destination.
Class critique and editing will solidify your understanding of what it takes to shoot for a story.

A 1/2-day preproduction lecture will start the creative juices flowing, as we’ll discuss techniques and how to approach your editorial photography assignment. Photographers will be given their assignment for the next days photo shoot. Class will learn how to process an assignment and how to approach their assignment. Discussions will include creative angles, the challenges of location photography, how to adjust to the variables while shooting a story.

My mission-  

To challenge your visual photography skills by taking you out of your comfort zone by having to come up with images that tell a story and the visual and creative impact needed in today’s photography.

Your breakthrough-  

You’ll understand that taking multiple photos of one subject oftentimes makes for better photography. And by shooting a lot of pictures you’ll find more visual opportunities to create better photography for yourself.


about storytelling - workshop series